• Bertha Series Five

November 2010: These two paintings were developed at the same time, and look nice viewed together.  Ford Falcon was exhibited at the 2nd Annual FOLA (Foundation of Local Art) Fundraiser, along with about 9 other paintings. That evening, I was given the opportunity to speak to the audience about my work. The feedback I received afterward was interesting. People seemed to enjoy what I had to say about my process. It was a good experience for me.

An update: These two paintings are now at Heller Capital Resources in West Los Angeles. The work looks terrific in their conference room! It was so exciting to see them in that space, and to watch Greg’s response to them. He’s going to live with them for a while, which could mean that he will get so used to having them that he will have purchase both. It really would be nice to keep them together.


One thought on “• Bertha Series Five

  1. Nice work, and nice art-blog too. I’ve been doing sites using WP, learning more about customizing with code editing lately, never realized how flexible WP could be with a little tweaking.

    I like the Ford Flacon, I saw a few here I hadn’t seen before. What, no framed pics?

    Have you ever made virtual frames in illustrator? I used to do it to get ideas. I actually started to make a system for it, shot and cropped pics of well over 100 of frame samples. Mats were next to impossible to reproduce though

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