When I was a child, I would ask my father to bring home used carbon paper from the office. Receiving a folder-full was an exciting event. For hours, days, I would happily trace photos, drawings, the Sunday comics, whatever caught my eye. In junior high school, I wrote illustrated stories detailing the life I would rather have been living. My girlfriends would tease me mercilessly, but would also help me dream up new story lines.

I have been hopelessly attracted to these kinds of activities for as long as I can remember.

After many years of trial and error, I have realized that I simply MUST draw, and am happiest when painting on a regular basis. I’m distracted and enthralled by line and color.

For years, my favorite medium was ink and watercolor. My most recent works have been large scale acrylic abstracts on both paper and canvas.

I am a designer who loves print; a painter who loves color; an illustrator who loves to draw in Adobe Illustrator; a cook who loves to eat and feed people; a proud mother, grandmother, partner, and friend.

My “day job” is co-owner of Hill Street Studios, www.hillstreetstudios.com. We produce commercial lifestyle still photos. My partner Lawrence is the photographer; I’m the “everything else.”

I adore my big, crazy, funny family, which is large enough that none of us will be alone in this world, ever. Grand-nephew Jay was born June 4, 2009, and granddaughter Abigail was right behind him on June 6th.

Oh, and in between all this stuff, I love to whip up something yummy to eat. One cannot paint on an empty stomach! To see what’s up in the food department, visit my food blog at http://www.andsomethinggoodtoeat.wordpress.com.


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